The Dùthchas Project

Mìneachadh air a’ phròiseact Dùthchas

Listed below are all of the documents available about the Duthcas Project, supplied here in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

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Publications List

North Uist Initial Review (2.5MB)
Trotternish Initial Review (2.6)
North Sutherland Initial Review (2.9)

North Uist Value Statement (1.2MB)
Trotternish Value Statement (1.2MB)
North Sutherland Value Statement (1.2MB)

North Uist Area Sustainability Profile (1.8MB)
Trotternish Area Sustainability Profile (1.3MB)
North Sutherland Area Sustainability Profile (1.8MB)

North Uist Area Strategy (Leaflet 2MB)
Trotternish Area Strategy (Leaflet 2.3MB)
North Sutherland Area Strategy (Leaflet 2.4MB)

North Uist Area Action Plan (700k)
Trotternish Area Action Plan (750k)
North Sutherland Area Action Plan (700k)

North Uist Area Strategy Summary (Leaflet 1.3MB)
Trotternish Area Strategy Summary (Leaflet 1.5MB)
North Sutherland Area Strategy Summary (Leaflet 1.3MB)

Duthchas Newsletter Number 1 (1.5MB)
Duthchas Newsletter Number 2 (880k)
Duthchas Newsletter Number 3 (840k)

‘You know IT makes sense’ IT Seminar (830k)
Transnational Conference Report (1.5MB)
Scotland Visit to Norway Report (1.9MB)
Norway Visit to Scotland Report (3.4MB)

‘Renewable Energy in Rural Communities’ (Seminar Report 1MB)
‘Good Enough to Eat’ (1MB)
‘Benefiting from our Culture & Natural Heritage’ (Uist Seminar Report 1MB)

Denmark: Jutland Study Tour 2000 (940k)
Duthchas UK Exchange Visits (910k)
Graphical Information System (1MB)

Sustainable Land Use (Workshop Report 1.2MB)
‘Network 21’ (Introductory Leaflet 1.6MB)
Trotternish Bus Survey (190k)

Domestic Sewerage System Upgrades (1.3MB)
Community Planning for Sustainable Development (The Handbook 2.4MB)
Duthchas, The Final Report (2.3MB)