The Dùthchas Aims

Na h-amasan againn

Dùthchas sought to plan a development path for our most remote and economically fragile rural areas, drawing on their natural and cultural assets. It aimed to do this in a way which ensured the enthusiastic participation of local people, so that their aspirations became the focus of the plan. It also sought to encourage the public bodies to support the process and adjust their policies and activities to ensure the success of the plan.

The Project aimed to do this by:

  • developing and agreeing local strategies for land use and sustainable development
  • supporting demonstration projects as a first step in implementing the strategies
  • setting up a sustainable communities scheme to award achievement and reinforce the link between economic development and environmental quality
  • The process was designed to be affordable and transferable to other areas.

In tackling these challenges the Project aimed to:

  • listen to local people and focus energies on what they thought was best for their communities
  • recognise the distinctive cultural identity of the communities involved and find ways to nurture this identity
  • better understand the value of the natural environment and find more sustainable ways to manage natural resources
  • strengthen the local economy by building on local assets
  • work with public agencies to gain their support and expert knowledge in converting good ideas into reality.