The Pilot Areas

Cò na daoine a dh’obraich còmhla ri Dùthchas?

The Pilot Areas - North Uist, Skye’s Trotternish peninsula and North Sutherland - were chosen carefully, for specific reasons. All three areas enjoy a distinctive cultural and natural heritage. They are located far from the main centres of population, on the north western fringes of Europe and the British Isles. Each area has struggled to retain a viable community and economy. Whilst unique in their own right, each area shares common challenges and opportunities.

The location of the three Pilot Areas means that the communities are affected by:

  • difficult and expensive transport links
  • long distances to the main markets and suppliers
  • difficulty in accessing basic services and affordable housing
  • harsh weather conditions which affect agricultural opportunities and daily life
  • reliance on primary production such as agriculture and fisheries
  • low and seasonal household incomes
  • out-migration of young people

The location of our Pilot Areas also means that these communities benefit from:

  • some of the most beautiful and individual landscapes in the world
  • a rich and inspiring natural environment and wildlife
  • a clean, unpolluted environment
  • a rich and resilient cultural heritage
  • significant numbers of Scottish Gaelic speakers
  • a sense of history
  • a very strong sense of community
  • being a safe place for children to grow up