North Sutherland

Dùthaich MhicAoidh

North Sutherland is situated in the far north of Scotland, its coastline bordering on the Pentland Firth, with views towards Orkney. North Sutherland forms part of Dùthaich Mhic Aoidh, The Land of Clan Mackay. The Dùthchas area stretches along the alternately sandy and rocky coast from Durness in the west to Melvich in the east and southwards down the fertile Strath Halladale and Strathnaver to Altnaharra.

All communities are unique but some are ‘uniquer’ than others. North Sutherland enfolds an area greater in size than the city of London. In terms of population, however, it is home to fewer than 2000 people. Our five principal townships - Melvich, Bettyhill, Tongue, Melness and Durness - cling to the north coast of mainland UK with a tenacious grip as they have done for centuries. 'Tenacious' also aptly describes the character of the inhabitants; well-tutored in the art of living and working in what is often a challenging environment.

Our love of our land is strong, based upon a belief in cultural and practical continuity. We value and respect our past as much as we strive to make our present and future secure and vibrant. People matter here - we act as a community in every sense of the word. The strength of our community is rooted in these truths, and it is on them that we build for the future